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[Book Notes] Tidying up

Recently I was reading the book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, which describe discipline of tidying up in daily life and how it can change your life. I spent a whole day cleaning my house during Thanks-giving holiday with the techniques the book described. It did give me a sense of cleanliness.

Notes from the book:
* Tidy a bit everyday instead of tidying big once a while.
* Effective tidying involves 2 actions: 1. Discard; 2. Put things where they belong. Discarding things must come first before storing things.
* Sort by category, not by location/ room.
* The best way to decide whether should throw a thing: ask “does it spark joy?”
* Start with clothes, then move on to books, papers, miscellany, and finally things with sentimental value.
* Clothes: Store things standing up rather than laid flat. Fold each item into a simple smooth rectangle. Never ball up socks.
* Papers: two categories: to be saved and to be dealt with. Make a special corner for papers need to deal with. Using a vertical organizer.
* Designate a place for each item.
* Storage should reduce the effort of putting things away.
* Never pile things. Store things vertically.
* Appreciate your belongings.
* The meaning of tidying up is to reduce your daily maintenance and focus on what's important.